Greek Folk Dancing

young olympian dancers

Traditional Greek dancing performed by children and adults alike in a colorful array of handmade costumes. You’ll even get a chance to learn dances yourself. Just listen for “Open Dancing” and we’ll invite you up on stage! Learn more about our dance groups and the 2016 schedule.

Live Musicband


The Tulsa Greek Festival is excited to welcome back The Greek Tycoons! George and Themi bring Greek music to life with the “Bouzouki,” a guitar like instrument that gives Greek music it’s distinctive sound.

Church Tours

church tour

We invite you to come and follow Fr. George Gartelos through the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church to learn the history and traditions of the church. Experience the sights, sounds, and even smells of a Greek Orthodox service. Church Tour Schedule

Cooking Demonstrations

VIP Night

You love the food, so learn how to cook it! Live cooking demonstrations of your favorite Greek dishes will be performed for you. Ask questions, get a taste, and see what it takes to be a real Greek Chef! Cooking Demo Schedule


Bring your family and enjoy games and inflatables.


Hellinis Imports

If you like shopping, you’ll love our 4 shopping areas:

  • Hellinis Imports
  • The Marketa
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Church Bookstore

Olympia Entertainment Venue


This IS Opa!homa and we love Football too! Come and enjoy the OU v. Ohio State game¬†with a Gyro and beer in this special tent with BIG SCREENS provided by Tulsa’s Channel 8. During the game the tent exclusive will be a full service tent with an entrance fee. All other times during the festival you will be able to experience our Cooking Demonstrations and other entertainment for free.
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